resource use

How to reduce resource consumption in the studio



  • Turn water off when not in use (don’t let it run)
  • Use a wash bucket to wash your pieces rather than under running water


  • Reduce your carbon footprint through replenishing methods such as tree planting or carbon offsets
  • Rather than drive to and from work, consider biking, public transport, carsharing or walking
  • Calculate your carbon footprint to see what aspects of your day to day life could be improved to reduce your environmental impact

buy used

  • Reusing or fixing current product or disassembling it to be used for other purposes
  • Borrowing the item through from a friend or a tool library
  • Purchasing second hand
  • If buying new, research and compare products, considering their social and environmental policies

further Resources

Creative Carbon Scotland is an excellent resource for tools to help make your business environmentally sustainable including the Tenant Energy Toolbox, which estimates your office/studio energy consumption, and their Green Arts Portal.

For comparing products based on ethical standards consult The Ethical Consumer for reports such as the Ethical Consumer guide on green energy sourcing and the Ethical Consumer report on the Internet.