Print and Packaging

  • Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper as a base-line starting point
  • Eco Management and Audit Scheme certification (EMAS)
  • 100% post-consumer waste paper stock is ideal
  • vegetable/bio inks
  • Totally Chlorine Free (TCF)
  • recyclable, no lamination or UV varnishes
  • production factories that have an ISO 14001 certification, meaning they systematically work on incorporating environmental considerations into their business

Paper Product Suppliers


Use re-manufactured printer cartridges and recycle your printer cartridges.

Reduce Paper Use

  • print on both sides and reuse scrap paper
  • use online platforms for marketing and communications
  • always question if printing is necessary
  • recycle all paper products

Packaging Options

  • consider avoiding or reducing packaging, many customers may not want their piece packaged
  • ask customers to send in their unused jewellery boxes for reuse
  • avoid laminated and UV varnished materials so the packaging is recyclable
  • source recycled packaging materials

 Packaging Suppliers

further resources

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