Recycled Metals

Because of the nature of the metal trade, most precious metals have already been recycled to some degree. However, you can choose to source 100% post-consumer recycled metals which are made of second generation recycled content and may also be tracked to show this. Some suppliers will have a certification for their recycled metal content such as a Recycled Content Certification from Scientific Certification Systems. When purchasing recycled metals, ask your supplier where their recycled metals come from and if they have any certifications that prove it is 100% recycled. Then you can research these sources and decide if the supplier is right for you.

Recycled Metal Suppliers

The following suppliers offer recycled metals. While every effort is made to keep this list up-to-date, users should contact individual suppliers for specific product and service requests.

A & E Metal Merchants

Australian metal refiner that tries, whenever possible, to only use recycled materials. They also use 100% recycled silver and copper in their silver alloys.

Bellore Rashbel 

UK metal supplier that offers 100% recycled silver in grain, sheet and wire.

Betts Metals

UK metal refiner, licensed with Fairtrade and a producer of recycled metal products. They can produce to order Fairtrade Gold into d-shaped, round and rectangle wires as well as bangle strips. Betts will also alloy your own Fairtrade metal into a range of products. Betts will also accept your metal items to melt down and turn into a requested product. Betts Metals has acquired Capella Manufacturing, meaning all products and services previously offered by Capella may now be purchased through Betts Metals UK.

Cooksongold UK refiner licensed with Fairtrade and producer of recycled metal products. Cooksongold offers Fairtrade gold in round and square wire, sheet, grain as well as chain. Cooksongold also carry a line of recycled silver called eco-silver (recycled scrap silver processed through SEMPSA in Spain) in wire, sheet, solder and grain as well as a recycled gold range called eco-gold in wire, sheet, solder, grain and bars.

Hean Studio UK metal caster which offers casting with Fairtrade Gold. They also supply recycled metals. Contact for details and availability.

Hoover & Strong United States precious metals refiner and manufacturer. They offer 100% recycled gold, platinum, palladium, sterling silver and fine silver in their Harmony range. They have achieved certification for their Harmony metal products through the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) which certifies that 100 percent of the products in this range use metals from recycled sources. Hoover & Strong also offer Fairmined gold and silver in casting grain, sheet and wire.

Stuller US refiner that has earned a recycled content certification verified by an SCS audit which ensures that all of their manufactured metals – gold, silver, platinum, and palladium product is certified 100% recycled metal content. Stuller also supply lab grown diamonds and gemstones, CanadaMark diamonds and moissanite. You can read more about their sourcing policies here. Stuller also has quite an extensive resource conservation program as part of their Earth First initiative.

United Precious Metals Refining, Inc. US refiner, offers 100% recycled for its fine gold and fine silver, verified by Scientific Certification Systems. They carry sheet, wire, tubing and casting grain in certified recycled metals.

VIPA Designs UK designers, casters and manufacturers of metal, offering casting in a range of traceable metals. They are licensed to import, trade, manufacture and design jewellery with both Fairtrade and Fairmined.

VIPA offer casting with Fairtrade gold in a range of colours and carats, Fairmined Silver and Fairmined Ecological Gold in a range of carats and colours. They can also cast with 100% recycled bronze, silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Contact VIPA here for current availabilties.

Suppliers Disclaimer Image Credit: VIPA Designs