Sustainable Pearl Suppliers


Marc’Harit are a company based in Copenhagen that supplies sustainable pearls internationally. They strive to work with pearl farmers who cultivate pearls sustainably. They offer sustainable pearls from farms in French Polynesia, Indonesia, Australia, The Philippines and Mexico.

Marc’Harit are the only supplier in Europe of Sea of Cortez pearls from Mexico, where this unique pearl is cultivated. These farms are visited by Marc’Harit to ensure that their production methods comply with the agreed sustainability standards. The standards have been developed within the pearl trade by sustainable pearl farmers and are available at Marc’Harit upon request. The standards address protection of nature, fair treatment of people, and how the pearls are handled in and after production.

Marc’Harit also supply traceable gemstones. They work directly with a cutting factory and many of their stones are traceable to the mine, with origin information available to the customer for certain stones. Though traceability and proof of compliance to standards is more difficult with gemstones, Marc’Harit are transparent about their sources and are open to answer questions from customers.

Marc'Harit pearl farm

Image Credit: Marc’Harit