There are a number of initiatives and mining companies working on tracking and improving standards in diamond industries in different countries. Because mining is different between countries depending on the legal, political, economic and socio-cultural context of the country, mining industries will have different areas for concern and some will be riskier for miners than others. That is why for all mined natural resources, there is an emphasis on provenance and origin and knowing the origin of a material is important for understanding the conditions of labour for those who produced it. This is the case with diamonds and with gemstones.

where to source origin certified diamonds

Canadian diamonds are a popular option for responsibly sourced diamonds. The brand CanadaMark specifically are certified Canadian diamonds tracked from two exclusive mines in Canada’s Northwest Territories. They are well trusted in the industry as an ethical option with a certified origin. There are stringent mining regulations and workers rights in Canada enforced by the Canadian Government and therefore diamonds mined in Canada will be required to be mined to a certain standard.

The CanadaMark system, established by the Canadian government, guarantees the whole CanadaMark diamond supply chain adheres to the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. The Code was written by the government and is applicable to those who mine and sell diamonds in Canada.

The Diamond Dominion Corporation, owner of CanadaMark, is the largest independent mining company in Canada, and certifies diamonds from the Ekati and Diavik mines in Canada’s Northwest Territories. For more information about these and other active mines in the Northwest Territories see: www.miningnorth.com/mines.

For CanadaMark Diamond Suppliers:

Taylor and Hart

Taylor and Hart are a UK supplier. When viewing their diamond options, check the CanadaMark box in the filter options to see their availability of CanadaMark diamonds.

Hoover and Strong

Hoover and Strong are based in the US and they supply Canadian diamonds certified by CanadaMark.


Nineteen48 are a supplier of responsibly sourced gemstones, based in the UK. They offer a wide variety of stones from four main small-scale mining sources including traceable gemstones from their own mines in Sri Lanka and from their small network of approved suppliers. You can also purchase traceable CanadaMark diamonds through Nineteen48.

Australian Diamonds. For the same reasons that Canadian diamonds are viewed as a responsibly sourced option i.e. because of government regulated mining practice meaning safer practice for miners and environmental safeguarding in place, Australian diamonds are chosen as a responsible diamond option as well.

For Australian Diamond Suppliers:

Origin Australia Diamonds are a trusted brand for Australian diamonds and stones and they have UK stockists.

Maendeleo Diamonds

The Maedeleo Diamond Standards Certification system was created by the Diamond Development Initiative. It is for artisanal diamond production in Africa. For further information, see Maendeleo Diamond Standards – Overview and the Maendeleo Diamond Standards – FAQ’s.

Open Source Minerals

Open Source Minerals are a stone trader, specialising in traceable diamonds. Open Source works in collaboration with the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) to source artisanally mined diamonds, ensuring that the sale of the stones benefits the mining communities. Diamonds for sale through Open Source Minerals are sold through auction. Open Source also offers traceable and transparent sourcing of other stones.


Stuller is a US metal supplier that also sells traceable diamonds and gemstones. They offer diamonds from Canada, South Africa, Russia, Botswana and Namibia.