Explore these opportunities to learn more about ethical making and access live information in the industry. Courses, conferences, networking events and more for makers and buyers of jewellery and silver.

Fair Luxury Conference

These annual conferences are created by Fair Luxury, an independent group of UK makers and ethical jewellery leaders. The conference addresses issues of provenance and sustainability in the luxury industry, with speakers leading in ethical fashion and jewellery. For more information on future Fair Luxury events, email hello@fairlux.co.uk.

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The Incorporation of Goldsmiths Ethical Making Conference 

The Incorporation of Goldsmiths’ holds an annual symposium in Scotland to promote and support the uptake of ethical making practice in the jewellery and silversmithing industry. Designed for makers and students of silversmithing and jewellery design but applicable for any maker interested in learning about ethical approaches in craft and design. Watch this space for details on the next ethical making symposium.  Attendant at the Incorporation of Goldsmiths 2018 Ethical Making Symposium

Jewelry Industry Summit – Conference 

An open forum on sustainability and responsible sourcing in the jewellery industry, the Jewelry Industry Summit is an annual meeting that occurs in the US in different states each year. These meetings increase awareness of the supply chain, initiatives and progress in the industry by uniting cross industry actors towards solutions and development projects.

Ethical Jewellery Making Classes

Artist Jeweller Stefanie Cheong will be launching these ethical jewellery making classes for 2019. These hands on classes are suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals that want to try out a new technique. All classes will use recycled or Fairtrade metals, or attendees can bring their own jewellery to recycle. The classes will cover sustainable jewellery studio practices. The classes will be small in size and include copper electroforming, cuttlefish casting, jesmonite casting, ring making, chain making and for those jewellers that want to push themselves a little further – making findings. Stefanie also offers private tuition for specific project requests.

Ethical Jewellery Short Course 

These short courses are created by Greg Valerio MBE and Ute Decker and are tailor-made one day training courses on ethical jewellery. The course addresses the challenges designer jewellers face, supply chain management for gold, gemstones and diamonds, green studio practices, definitions of critical concepts and a knowledge based approach of how to source ethically. Appropriate for universities, colleges, institutions as well as groups of interested jewellers. For current availability and fees, email Ute Decker at teaching@utedecker.com.  Ute Decker, pictured with some of her work at the Incorporation of Goldsmiths 2018 Symposium

Alternative Metal Colouring Workshop

London based metalsmith Adi Toch, runs a jewellery workshop on alternative metal colouring techniques with bio materials as well as the process of salt water etching. For current availability and fees email Adi Toch at adi.toch@yahoo.com.