Fairtrade Metal Suppliers

All of the following suppliers offer Fairtrade metals. While every effort is made to keep this list up-to-date, users should contact individual suppliers for specific product and service requests.

Betts Metals UK metal refiner, licensed with Fairtrade and a producer of recycled metal products. They can produce to order Fairtrade Gold into d-shaped, round and rectangle wires as well as bangle strips. Betts will also alloy your own Fairtrade metal into a range of products. Betts will also accept your metal items to melt down and turn into a requested product. Betts Metals has acquired Capella Manufacturing, all products and services previously offered by Capella may now be purchased through Betts Metals, UK.

Bijou Moderne

Netherlands based manufacturer and supplier of semi-finished Fairtrade gold, silver and palladium products.

Cooksongold UK refiner licensed with Fairtrade and producer of recycled metal products. Cooksongold offers Fairtrade gold in round and square wire, sheet, grain as well as chain. Cooksongold also carry a line of recycled silver called eco-silver (recycled scrap silver processed through SEMPSA in Spain) in wire, sheet, solder and grain as well as a recycled gold range called eco-gold in wire, sheet, solder, grain and bars.

CRED Sources

Building on the Fairtrade Gold supply chain of CRED Jewellery, CRED sells Fairtrade metals directly to manufacturers and makers as a first authorised buyer. This means they buy metal directly from mines and pay the Fairtrade premium to the mining organization ($2000/kg of gold/silver). CRED Sources supplies Fairtrade Gold to the jewellery industry in fine gold grain (18 ct yellow gold, 18 ct white gold and silver) They have a minimum order of 500 grams, below which there is a minimum order fee. CRED also produces Fairtade gold solder. For more information and current prices email alan@credjewellery.com.  Curteis  UK jewellery manufacturer that offers a variety of jewellery findings and components. Curteis offers Fairtrade Gold chain in a variety of lengths, gauges and weights.

Design Build Cast  UK suppliers of Fairtrade gold and an authorised provider of services in designing, building and casting for jewellery retailers and manufacturers. Fair Trade Jewellery Co.  Canadian jewellery brand with a wholesale arm called FairSources that are Fairtrade and Fairmined licensed. They offer Fairtrade wedding bands and engagement ring mounts available to select retailers as well as Fairmined gold casting grain in yellow, nickel white and palladium white. FairSources also offer 18K yellow gold chain which is manufactured by Patrick Schein in France and sold under both the Fairtrade and Fairmined licenses.

Hean Studio UK metal caster offering casting with Fairtrade Gold. They also supply recycled metals. Contact for details and availabilities.

Hockley Mint UK supplier of semi-finished jewellery products including cast components, findings and mounts. All of their products can be cast in Fairtrade Gold. Contact for more details.

Merrell Casting 

UK casting house and supplier of Fairtrade Gold. Patrick Schein  Paris refiner that is both Fairtrade and Fairmined licensed. Patrick offers gold chain that can be sold within both the Fairtrade and Fairmined schemes. Patrick also carries recycled gold. Contact for current availabilities.

Q Branch bespoke Casting Suppliers of bullion and casting, authorised supplier of Fairtrade Gold.  Schiefer & Co German refiner that offers Fairtrade gold products. Standard wire and sheet sizes as well as bespoke specifications. Schiefer also offers gold from the Rhine region, from Alaska as well as Lappland all come with their own certificate of provenance.

TRAID GOLD German refiner based in Berlin, which offers Fairtrade gold in bullion, sheet and wire as well as investment gold bars and coins. TRAID is also Fairmined licensed and offers Fairmined silver, gold and Fairmined ecological gold grain.

VIPA Designs UK designers, casters and manufacturers of metal, offering casting in a range of traceable metals. They are licensed to import, trade, manufacture and design jewellery with both Fairtrade and Fairmined.

Vipa offer casting with Fairtrade gold in a range of colours and carats, Fairmined Silver and Fairmined Ecological Gold in a range of carats and colours. They can also cast with 100% recycled bronze, silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Contact VIPA here for current availabilties.

Weston Beamer  UK casting house that offers casting with Fairtrade 18ct yellow and white gold.

Suppliers Disclaimer Image Credit: Ute Decker