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Event Elements Exhibition

A sneak peak into the Elements Exhibition, Perspectives: Creating Jewellery for a Fairer Future.

Story Commissioning a piece of ethically made jewellery

A bespoke story from Jane Barnett of Levin Sources, a research and consultancy firm for safer mining practices.

Research Ocean plastics find new life in jewellery

Dr Katharina Vones is turning ocean plastics and textile off-cuts into a new biodegradable material and using it in her work and we love it.


Education The Incorporation of Goldsmiths’ Ethical Making Pledge is helping students increase ethical making practices in their schools

The Ethical Making Pledge is implementing ethical making practices into the jewellery and silversmithing departments of the Scottish art colleges with the help of passionate students.

Education Sustainable Change in Scotland’s Art Colleges

Check out how jewellery students and staff in Scotland have been making sustainable change in how jewellery and silversmithing is taught.